Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter/Holiday Theme Writing for you!

Little writers need lots of practice writing words using the sounds they hear.  Writing lists provides students the opportunity to practice this skill without the added layers of remembering capitals, spacing and punctuation. …not to mention having to hold a whole sentence worth of words in their memory! 

I find that reluctant writers will spend time on this worthy writing activity!

CCSS L.K.2. Students will demonstrate a command of Standard English by spelling words phonetically & drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships.

List Topics Include:


~I Want

~Artic Animals


~Winter Clothes


~Winter Fun

~The Polar Express

~The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell

~The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Also included are idea cards for student who need picture prompts to generate ideas on the topic.
(sample idea card shown)
You will also find 8½  x 11 posters for your work area display and signs to label supply containers. (see poster samples below)

click HERE for List Paper
click HERE for Idea Cards


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  1. Oh, Holly! These are so cute! What a great idea. I'm printing these off ASAP to use on Monday!
    Thank you!!!
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!


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