Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm very excited to get started Blogging!  This is a new adventure for  me, and boy, is there a lot to learn!  I have been inspired by so many innovative teachers who Blog and share kid friendly, learning activities.  I have purchased many of your creations (and love a good freebie)!

I too have so much to share with all of you! It has just taken a while to really understand all that goes into sharing (copyrights/licences, PDF, Paint, Creating a Button, Dashboards ...etc...).  I am new to this so bare with me!

Here is my first FREEBIE!  I made a few turkey themed Math Mats for students exploring numbers and beginning addition.

Each Math Mat focuses on a different Math skill for our emerging learners. Roll the die/dice. Use cubes to cover the square on a color/laminated Math Mat ~or~ copy a set and have students color in each box as they answer.

CCSS K.CC.4 - Understanding the relationships between numbers and quantities. 
CCSS K.CC.5 - Count to answer, "How many?"

Roll one die and find the correlating number.

For more basic, or a beginner approach.  Roll a die and match the dot pattern (counting 1:1).

CCSS K.OA.5 - Fluently add with in 5 (practice here includes sums to 12)

Addition skills for sums 2-12.  Roll two dice and find the sum.

For those working on Ten Frames... Roll two dice and find the sum.
I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this FREEBIE!  Click here for the printable document.
Grab my button and post on your educational site if you like my products.  Let me know if my button does not work for you!  I think I have made it correctly!
Let the adventure begin!
~ Holly

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