Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Building Confidence: This set includes fun practice writing sight words that give emerging writers the successful feeling they crave.  As they learn to read, spell and write sight words, confidence soars! 

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Using a "detective" theme students work through the practice page (see below).  My daughter is in LOVE with the Cam Jansen books... and this gave me the idea to refresh and old favorite.  I find that I have more excitement when introducing a learning activity when I have a gimmick or theme attached (not to mention very cute clip art!!!)
I Spy  (look for the focus word among other sight words for visual discrimination)
Find the clue.  (search for the correct spelling of the sight word, understanding that order matters)
Retrace your steps.  (trace the word, the focus word with an initial capital is one of the tracing practices)
Solve the puzzle.  (cut and paste the letters to create a the focus word)
Write.  (fill in a sentence with the sight word)
Draw the scene. (draw a picture to match the sentence)
...and although it does not fit the theme, a class favorite: Rainbow trace the word.  Students write and rewrite using a different color each time.

Words in this set: the, my, and, like, want, have (more sets to come!)
I chose these words first, because I like to empower students to write sentences.  Kindergartner's always enjoy writing about what they like, want, and have.  They feel like writers and can hold these simple sentences in their minds as they work to encode by using a combinations of accurate and temporary spelling.
Also included: labels for supply containers for this learning task and a "poster."
To conserve on space I make "posters" to display with supplies so an ordinary table becomes a learning center. (I'll snap a picture soon and post it for you) Materials can be quickly stored away on shelves when not in use.  I find this so much easier than changing out spaces in my room to reflect themes etc...

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