Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gingerbread Math Mat ~ Roll and Color/Cover Game.

Select the Math Mat you prefer.

·         Numbers 1-6 (number/dot pattern correlations)
·         Numbers 2-12 (addition, add the dots from two dice for a total)
·         Dice Dot Pattern Recognition (count the dots from one die and match)
·         Ten Frame-Style Dot Pattern (addition, add the dots two both dice for a total)

Practice math skills through purposeful play.

K.CC.4 – Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

K.CC.5 – Count to answer, “How many?”

K.OA.5 – Fluently add within 5.(practice here includes add -12)

Click HERE for you copy :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here is a Short Vowel Word Family Game with a few seasonal twists!

I was inspired to tweak a version of this common game when I saw these cute containers at our local grocery store.

There are so many ways to play. Here are a few suggestions:


Add the word family cards you’d like to play with.

Beginner:  Play with only one word family set (with or without nonsense words).

Advanced:  Include real and nonsense word cards for more than one word family.

To Play: 

Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a flat surface or put them in a decorative bag/container.

Pull a card.  If the player reads the card correctly they keep it.  If the player selects an “Uh, Oh!” card they must return all of their cards!  There is also a bonus card that you get to keep if you draw it!

Play continues until all the cards are gone.  Count your cards and celebrate!  You could also sort your cards into piles of real and nonsense words.  Count those totals for fun too!

4 versions of this game are included:

Santa and the Elf
Santa is the bonus card.
The Elf is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Don’t slip on the ice!
The Penguin is the bonus card.
The Ice is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Run, run as fast as you can!
The Gingerbread Man is the bonus card.
The Fox is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Frosty and the Sunshine
Frosty is the bonus card.
The Sun is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Directions are include for each verion of the game.  I will be sending home one of the games with my students for at home practice!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter/Holiday Theme Writing for you!

Little writers need lots of practice writing words using the sounds they hear.  Writing lists provides students the opportunity to practice this skill without the added layers of remembering capitals, spacing and punctuation. …not to mention having to hold a whole sentence worth of words in their memory! 

I find that reluctant writers will spend time on this worthy writing activity!

CCSS L.K.2. Students will demonstrate a command of Standard English by spelling words phonetically & drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships.

List Topics Include:


~I Want

~Artic Animals


~Winter Clothes


~Winter Fun

~The Polar Express

~The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell

~The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Also included are idea cards for student who need picture prompts to generate ideas on the topic.
(sample idea card shown)
You will also find 8½  x 11 posters for your work area display and signs to label supply containers. (see poster samples below)

click HERE for List Paper
click HERE for Idea Cards


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Building Confidence: This set includes fun practice writing sight words that give emerging writers the successful feeling they crave.  As they learn to read, spell and write sight words, confidence soars! 

Click here to get your copy!

Using a "detective" theme students work through the practice page (see below).  My daughter is in LOVE with the Cam Jansen books... and this gave me the idea to refresh and old favorite.  I find that I have more excitement when introducing a learning activity when I have a gimmick or theme attached (not to mention very cute clip art!!!)
I Spy  (look for the focus word among other sight words for visual discrimination)
Find the clue.  (search for the correct spelling of the sight word, understanding that order matters)
Retrace your steps.  (trace the word, the focus word with an initial capital is one of the tracing practices)
Solve the puzzle.  (cut and paste the letters to create a the focus word)
Write.  (fill in a sentence with the sight word)
Draw the scene. (draw a picture to match the sentence)
...and although it does not fit the theme, a class favorite: Rainbow trace the word.  Students write and rewrite using a different color each time.

Words in this set: the, my, and, like, want, have (more sets to come!)
I chose these words first, because I like to empower students to write sentences.  Kindergartner's always enjoy writing about what they like, want, and have.  They feel like writers and can hold these simple sentences in their minds as they work to encode by using a combinations of accurate and temporary spelling.
Also included: labels for supply containers for this learning task and a "poster."
To conserve on space I make "posters" to display with supplies so an ordinary table becomes a learning center. (I'll snap a picture soon and post it for you) Materials can be quickly stored away on shelves when not in use.  I find this so much easier than changing out spaces in my room to reflect themes etc...

Graphics are licensed by Scrappin Doodle 82911



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Emergent Reader FREEBIE!

I love making printable books for my early readers!  I am working on a Fairy Tale unit to implement after the holidays.  So here is a preview of a few Emergent readers I've created for Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Students in my classes each have a Zip lock bag of leveled readers that they can read independently.  I only include photocopied books in these particular bags. Here's why:  After we have plenty of time reading and rereading these texts, the bags are sent home with a letter to parents which includes information on how to support their young readers. (there are many other leveled books in the room for reading, but that is for another day..).

I usually give the first bag to parents at our November Parent-Teacher conference. Parents are very excited to see how much their Kinders have grown in such a short time!  They love to hear them actually reading!

There are 4 versions of this Emergent Reader for you!

Each book focuses on different sight words and is best suited for a different readiness level.

book 1 - The
book 2 - I, see, three
book 3 - Here, is, are
book 4 - She, likes, this, sees, these

Click   Below   for   Printable   Books:
All clip art graphics are licensed by Srappin Doodles 82911.

Friday, November 9, 2012

More Thanksgiving Themed FREEBIES!

Both are for writing!

3 different templates for your range of writers.
  • Two templates for students who still need help “holding” their sentence in their mind. One cut-up sentence frame is blank and the other has words as models for students to cut and then glue the words in place.
  • One template with space for independent writing.
All three templates encourage students to stretch (or “turtle talk”) the sounds they hear for the final word.
(The pictures don't do the template justice!  I'm still learning how to convert my documents to good quality picture previews!)


Encourage writing with you little learners by providing them with a November Word wall.  Post this in your classroom, add to a standing file or include in a binder.  Students love to be independent when writing!
(sample, partial picture)
1.      Encourage your emerging writers to write words using temporary/invented spelling strategies. 
2.      Attach the picture cards to colorful craft feathers and place them in a bag or container.
3.      Pull a "turkey" feather and stretch the sounds in the word slowly. 
4.      Record the sounds you hear.
(sample themed picture cards)
Build confident, able writers.
Tell your learners that sometimes they will know exactly how to spell a word.  Other times they will know how to find the word around the room or in another resource.  However, there will be times when they will need to use temporary spelling strategies.  I explain that temporary means that it will only last for a short time.  As they grow as learners they will learn to spell more words accurately.  This helps those who may be reluctant to make mistakes.
I figured out that I have to set my files to "share" in google docs!  There is soooo much to know, there should be a graduate program in Blogging! ~email me if you cant get something!

Click below for links to the files:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm very excited to get started Blogging!  This is a new adventure for  me, and boy, is there a lot to learn!  I have been inspired by so many innovative teachers who Blog and share kid friendly, learning activities.  I have purchased many of your creations (and love a good freebie)!

I too have so much to share with all of you! It has just taken a while to really understand all that goes into sharing (copyrights/licences, PDF, Paint, Creating a Button, Dashboards ...etc...).  I am new to this so bare with me!

Here is my first FREEBIE!  I made a few turkey themed Math Mats for students exploring numbers and beginning addition.

Each Math Mat focuses on a different Math skill for our emerging learners. Roll the die/dice. Use cubes to cover the square on a color/laminated Math Mat ~or~ copy a set and have students color in each box as they answer.

CCSS K.CC.4 - Understanding the relationships between numbers and quantities. 
CCSS K.CC.5 - Count to answer, "How many?"

Roll one die and find the correlating number.

For more basic, or a beginner approach.  Roll a die and match the dot pattern (counting 1:1).

CCSS K.OA.5 - Fluently add with in 5 (practice here includes sums to 12)

Addition skills for sums 2-12.  Roll two dice and find the sum.

For those working on Ten Frames... Roll two dice and find the sum.
I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this FREEBIE!  Click here for the printable document.
Grab my button and post on your educational site if you like my products.  Let me know if my button does not work for you!  I think I have made it correctly!
Let the adventure begin!
~ Holly
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