Friday, November 9, 2012

More Thanksgiving Themed FREEBIES!

Both are for writing!

3 different templates for your range of writers.
  • Two templates for students who still need help “holding” their sentence in their mind. One cut-up sentence frame is blank and the other has words as models for students to cut and then glue the words in place.
  • One template with space for independent writing.
All three templates encourage students to stretch (or “turtle talk”) the sounds they hear for the final word.
(The pictures don't do the template justice!  I'm still learning how to convert my documents to good quality picture previews!)


Encourage writing with you little learners by providing them with a November Word wall.  Post this in your classroom, add to a standing file or include in a binder.  Students love to be independent when writing!
(sample, partial picture)
1.      Encourage your emerging writers to write words using temporary/invented spelling strategies. 
2.      Attach the picture cards to colorful craft feathers and place them in a bag or container.
3.      Pull a "turkey" feather and stretch the sounds in the word slowly. 
4.      Record the sounds you hear.
(sample themed picture cards)
Build confident, able writers.
Tell your learners that sometimes they will know exactly how to spell a word.  Other times they will know how to find the word around the room or in another resource.  However, there will be times when they will need to use temporary spelling strategies.  I explain that temporary means that it will only last for a short time.  As they grow as learners they will learn to spell more words accurately.  This helps those who may be reluctant to make mistakes.
I figured out that I have to set my files to "share" in google docs!  There is soooo much to know, there should be a graduate program in Blogging! ~email me if you cant get something!

Click below for links to the files:

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