Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here is a Short Vowel Word Family Game with a few seasonal twists!

I was inspired to tweak a version of this common game when I saw these cute containers at our local grocery store.

There are so many ways to play. Here are a few suggestions:


Add the word family cards you’d like to play with.

Beginner:  Play with only one word family set (with or without nonsense words).

Advanced:  Include real and nonsense word cards for more than one word family.

To Play: 

Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a flat surface or put them in a decorative bag/container.

Pull a card.  If the player reads the card correctly they keep it.  If the player selects an “Uh, Oh!” card they must return all of their cards!  There is also a bonus card that you get to keep if you draw it!

Play continues until all the cards are gone.  Count your cards and celebrate!  You could also sort your cards into piles of real and nonsense words.  Count those totals for fun too!

4 versions of this game are included:

Santa and the Elf
Santa is the bonus card.
The Elf is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Don’t slip on the ice!
The Penguin is the bonus card.
The Ice is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Run, run as fast as you can!
The Gingerbread Man is the bonus card.
The Fox is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Frosty and the Sunshine
Frosty is the bonus card.
The Sun is the “Uh, Oh!” card.

Directions are include for each verion of the game.  I will be sending home one of the games with my students for at home practice!

click HERE to get these games!

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